new in store

gluten, free,cake, my, goose, gander

28 Apr 17

new! cake! you can now find the very excellent, locally hand made, gluten free and refined sugar free treats of my goose gander in store! orange chia cake, carrot cake, banana cake and caramel slice. for starters :).

organic meyer lemons edes and bibi

12 Apr 17

new! easter, and new season organic meyer lemons, are upon us!

organic, hot,cross, buns,zeally,bay

27 Mar 17

new! why do fruit buns with a cross on top always taste so much better than the ones without… in particular the spectacularly good organic sourdough variety from zeally bay sourdough!

salted, caramel,slice,blendco

25 Mar 17

new! you can now find uber delicious blendco treats in our cake stand! vegan friendly. gluten free. raw. salted caramel to the front. vanilla slice to the right. nom.


17 Mar 17

new! organic victorian maris piper potatoes! only recently commercially available in australia, we’d heard that they make the best roast potatoes and chips you’ll ever eat. and they did. all gone before photographing in their perfect crispy, golden, glassy glory! come get some :).


9 Mar 17

new! when you’re a little bit over acai… dragonfruit bowl! like this beautiful example by coyo. find nourish mii dragon fruit in all its mega magenta goodness in our freezer.

brooklyn, brine, co, secret, sauce

18 Feb 17

new! brooklyn brine co. pickles now have an awesome new friend… dairy free secret sauce! creamy, sharp, sweet, tart, smokey, tangy, and secretive. in store now!

organic, tomatoes

9 Feb 17

when it’s 30 degrees at 9am, it pays to remember the good bits of summer… like these super flavourful biodynamic tomatoes from inverleigh, victoria.

new, season,organic,apples

2 Feb 17

eye spy…first new season organic gala apples for the year! from colignan, victoria.


25 Jan 17

we’ll be closed for tomorrow’s public holiday. open again friday, where almost james and the giant peach sized juicy biodynamic yellow peaches await!

organic, pineapple

17 Jan 17

on the one hand, it’s a little bit stupid hot. on the other, we have organic summer fruit – in particular, pineapple!! and plums, and white peaches, grapes… all the best bits of summer.

organic, parsley

6 Jan 17

a small organic parsley forest recently arrived! after several months of being unavailable due to victoria’s ‘interesting’ weather. so easy to take food for granted, and the farmers that grow it for us. eat seasonally! you get to get excited about parsley :).

organic, cherries

13 dec 16

we have omg good organic cherries fresh from ruffy, victoria!

pixi, skin, treats

29 nov 16

all stocked up for pixi beauty skin treats!


22 nov 16

little rays of sunshine – new season victorian organic nectarines and peaches :)!

organic, handmade, chocolate, monsieur, truffe

16 nov 16

fresh batch of monsieur truffe deliciousness now in store! in our opinion, melbourne’s finest hand crafted, artisanal chocolate. organic where possible, and all the dark stuff vegan friendly :).

organic, mangoes

11 nov 16

look like summer. smell like summer. taste like summer. first organic mangoes for the season :)!! summer must be coming…

gluten, free, vegan, wraps, strada

8 nov 16

new! from our very lovely friends at caffe strada – gluten free vegan wraps and pizza bases! not all gluten free is created equal. their bread, wraps and pizza bases are gluten free, not flavour free, contain top quality ingredients, taste like real bread, and are baked and supplied fresh (not frozen).

organic, red, onions

25 oct 16

for all the salads, sandwiches and sausages that have been feeling imcomplete, organic red onions are finally back! eat them, before we do :).

vegetable, people, the, sweet, potato, kraken

21 oct 16

sweet potato keeps on giving. dug could no longer feel his carrot arms so has been reborn. meet dug, the kraken! in store til we eat him.

brokenhead, company, coconut, cuddles, caramel, kisses

18 oct 16

new! a box full of kisses and cuddles… of the raw rich chocolate, coconut, salted caramel, nutty crunchy biscuit kind! australian made from the best organic, sustainable, ethical and vegan ingredients :).

sweet, potato,man

11 oct 16

new! it can be hard to make tuesday happy sometimes. unless you find a sweet potato with legs, then you’re all good. meet dug :). he’ll be in store for the next few days.

vegan, cheese, sprout, &, kernel

3 oct 16

new! sprout & kernel vegan (tree nut) cheese now in store  – herb and cashew, peppercorn, traditional, and cheddar. dairy free, soy free, gluten free, gmo free. hand made all vegan plant based goodness!


27 sept 16

can’t type, cooking…with new season australian organic garlic!!


24 sept 16

hands down best non-dairy ice-cream available – zebra dream! made in victoria, vegan, soy free, gluten free, no refined sugar, and so creamy and rich that you’d think you were eating traditional dairy ice-cream. add pana chocolate to the mix, and it’s pure ice cream joy! find it in our freezer in big and baby tubs.


19 sept 16

new season spring produce continues! new season, perfect green beans, fresh from the markets today.


12 sept 16

the true start of spring – the first organic asparagus just arrived! direct from gippsland.


18 aug 16

strawberries! we have some! first for the year. so naturally sweet they taste like they’ve already had a light dusting of old school icing sugar.


30 jun 16

new! very excited to now stock the fermentary amazing krauts and kefirs! handmade in melbourne. raw. slow fermented. full of probiotics. and incredibly delicious.


3 jun 16

new! organic, preservative free, vegan cleanskin wines! rose, cabernet merlot, and a cabernet grenache pertit verdot blend. to accompany our favourite cleanskin shiraz. all courtesy of the fantastic south australian temple bruer winery.


31 may 16

new! organic australian miso, from meru miso! made in melbourne. organic. unsurparsed flavour. find it in our fridge!


11 may 16

the wait is over. we have organic cauliflower, and romanesco!


4 may 16

new! beautifully packaged limited edition pana chocolate gift boxes. raw, organic, vegan, handmade boxes of deliciousness, perfect for mother’s day!


19 apr 16

new season citrus getting into full swing. organic imperial mandarines, the first of the varieties to be harvested. chock full of vitamin c, a, b6, potassium, and even a little bit of calcium!


19 apr 16

first organic lemons for the year! love.


4 apr 16

new! sambazon acai. acai bowls, only limited by your imagination!


4 apr 16

new! we’re all stocked up on the new range of yarra valley tea co. organic teabags. all the loose leaf favourites now in bleach free, biodegradable teabags.


18 mar 16

new! they’re paleo. they’re organic. they’re vegan. they’re allergen free. only four ingredients. wrap them up, layer them, bake them. find them in our freezer!


11 mar 16

new! your nose can now give a crap along with the rest of you! who gives a crap tissues now in store. same 50 percent of profits go to help build toilets in developing nations.


8 mar 16

organic thai basil! exciting to see some new organic fruit and veg arriving at the markets

wild, timor, organic, tonic

26 feb 16

new! wild timor tonic: made from wild grown organic timorese spices, it’s packed full of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral powerhouses (turmeric, ginger, pepper, raw honey, lemon, tamarind). good for you and for the timorese farmers wild timor coffee direct trade and work with. find it in our fridge.

organic, victorian, cos, lettuce

23 feb 16

some organic leafy greens (especially lettuce) have been in short supply lately. we finally have a lovely big batch of organic cos lettuce! get it while it’s uber crisp.